Platform Integration

Building a digital engine for your business.

While platform integration might not sound exciting, its business implications are profound. Every business uses different platforms to run the various aspects of their business. For example, an e-commerce business might have inventory management software, logistics platforms, and accounting software. We want these different platforms to talk to each other and your website to help your businesses run as efficiently as possible.

General Benefits of Platform Integration

What Sets Parallel Path Apart?

Knowledge is Power
At Parallel Path, we help you keep track of all the data you need to grow your business. That’s a whole lot of data! We monitor keywords, demographics, behavior, revenue, lifetime value, and so much more.
Ongoing Support
The information we generate informs business decisions, and any dynamic information system needs some regular TLC to stay in top form. Ongoing support ranges from troubleshooting code breakdowns to evolving dashboards based on business needs.
We Love a Clean Integration
Rather than using “bolt-on” third-party extensions that help your different platforms and website communicate, we use code and API's to cleanly integrate all the platforms you need.
We’ve Come Full Circle
We connect all of your platforms, from your CRM to your website to Salesforce. We can tell exactly how a client went from prospect to purchase, then that information gets pushed back into Google Analytics.

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