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Parallel Path thinks about more than, “How do we boost your SEO?” We’re thinking about, “How do we leverage SEO to achieve your business goals?” That’s the difference between being channel-focused and solution-oriented. Almost all buying cycles start online. Of those, most start with a search. If you’re not visible online, that means your competition is. People can’t buy from companies they can’t see. It’s time to start thinking about SEO as an approach to marketing rather than a channel.

General Benefits of SEO


Be ready to engage your customer whenever and wherever they are with a mobile SEO strategy. Your site on a mobile device appears and behaves differently than on a desktop. We create SEO strategies that work across all devices.

  • Reach People Where They Are: These days, more searches occur on mobile devices than on desktop systems.
  • Be Seen on Mobile: Google favors results that display well on mobile devices, and since mobile search has surpassed desktop, you can’t afford not to think about mobile.
  • Rank High, Sell More: Mobile searches convert at a higher rate, particularly for restaurants and other food service locations.
  • Context Rules: We build SEO strategies based on user intent and device proximity.
  • They’re Mobile-Friendly. We’re Mobile-Intimate: Parallel Path understands the smallest details, like what text and images work best on mobile display. We develop and deliver mobile-optimized websites based on that intimate knowledge.
  • Form and Function: Presenting an appealing mobile display on a site that loads quickly is key to performing well on mobile. Parallel Path audits mobile display (as well as desktop) to identify any problems.
  • In-House Creative: With in-house design capabilities, Parallel Path develops and deploys stunning, state of the art mobile websites.


Does a business exist if no one can find it? Getting you positive business results drives everything we do. We do that by focusing on the who and the where first and foremost. Who do you want to connect with, and where do we find them? The second part of that question is fairly straightforward - Google. With this in mind, it makes sense to have an SEO team involved in your next website design.

  • Black Box?: Nope, no black box here. Our tactics are fully visible, and as we work together you’ll gain an understanding of what SEO truly is. We’ll listen to your business objectives, audit/analyze your current web assets, research the market, and look into the competition to build a winning SEO strategy. That strategy gets kicked off with organization of the keyword theme universe and design of your architecture. 1,000 steps later and, voila! You now have a business growth machine.
  • Market Speed: Or, speed to market… either way, it’s all about speed. Proven process, experience, and quantifiable results are why building an SEO-driven website puts you in the driver’s seat and in control. Trust us, we’ve seen your competition’s SEO strategy, and we know you can do better.
  • Why is My Traffic Still Growing?: We shouldn't share this with you, but one of our favorite quotes of all time came from a former client: “Why is our organic traffic still growing even after we let you go?” Parallel Path builds and executes SEO strategies that stand the test of time. We believe in strong foundations and lasting partnerships. (They even tried to hire us back.)
  • Fully Customized: Your’s won’t be like theirs. Everything we do is custom, data, and market driven. We look for both current and future opportunities, then design a solution for your business and its goals.
  • Who Who WHO WHOOO: We aren’t necessarily owls, but we are wise. Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is the result of doing. We’ve been doing this stuff since people first began realizing “digital” was something other than a Casio calculator watch.
  • MAGIC: No white bunnies, just blue ones on occasion. No, but seriously, we achieve success for you with plain old brain power and elbow grease. That’s still how you get it done and get results. Black hats and bunnies are out, and data-driven strategy is in.


Your ideal customer likely spends time on social media interacting with friends, family, and even brands that they love. Let us help you become one of the brands that know how to turn social media into a smart conversion tool.

  • Make Search Engines Smile: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social referrals not only attract traffic but also influence search engine results.
  • Spread Content Far and Wide: Social platforms offer the opportunity to promote content and distribute information.
  • Exposure: Being on social platforms improves your brand’s visibility, recognition, and ultimately profits.
  • Start the Conversation: Reviews on social sites can affect everything from your brand perception to your bottom line.
  • We’re Social Butterflies: Parallel Path has experienced social managers who know what works and what doesn’t.
  • You Love Me, You Really Love Me: We advise clients on how to attract positive reviews so they can improve social and search visibility.
  • Reputation Management: Parallel Path creates strategies to avoid, handle, and turn around negative reviews.
  • Connecting the Dots with Social: Our social media plans work with web SEO, content outreach, and other elements of the online marketing mix.


The written word isn’t the only way to optimize your search engine presence while creating valuable content — video SEO is another flavor you can add to your marketing recipe.

  • Rapid Access: Video is an easily consumed medium that offers clients rapid audience access and convenient content consumption.
  • Your Message, Clarified: Video communicates the image and personality of your brand very effectively, driving additional visitors to your website.
  • Welcome New Viewers: Video platforms extend the reach of client content to new audiences and attract other readers to your website.
  • Come Back Anytime: Video encourages repeat traffic as content may be frequently refreshed.
  • Beyond SEO: If you need some extra help, Parallel Path’s design staff can assist with creation and editing of video content.
  • Connecting the Dots with Video SEO: We enhance distribution of video content through standard SEO and social outreach, because all of your SEO initiatives should work together.
  • YouTube Bruté?: We optimize video content on YouTube, so you get even more views and traffic.

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