Lead Generation

Attracting the right opportunities.

Oh, leads — you sexy, SEO-friendly buzzword that agencies love to toss around. Oh, how you are desired by many CMOs and marketers. Most claim to love you, but only a few understand you (like we do). You’ve been used for too long. People just want more of you, but they don’t care about YOUR needs. All they think about is that one night sale.

They spend their days frequenting channels, Facebooking here, Paid Searching there, hoping to catch your eye. Leads, we know you are looking for a brand that wants to have a meaningful relationship with you. We’ve been telling our clients this for years. Maybe that’s why you tend to love them so much.

Lead Generation Services

Digital Analytics

Data Collection Infrastructure: A data collection solution tailored to your business needs.

Content Marketing

A turnkey content marketing and management solution, that delivers.

PPC Marketing Services

From search query optimization to mobile-centric solutions, for us, PPC is about continual optimization and growth.

Web Design & Development

Smart information architecture to boost SEO, mobile first design, intuitive user experiences — all wrapped up in captivating designs.

Social Media Advertising

It’s about creating an engaging conversation with your target audience across social platforms and digital channels.

Digital Strategy

Before we develop your tactical executions, we work with you to articulate a digital strategy to meet your business goals.

Retargeting / Remarketing

Once a prospect has expressed interest in your brand, it becomes a matter of persuasion and seduction.

International SEO

From regionally specific search engines to multilingual solutions, we optimize brands for the global marketplace.

Landing Pages

Creating a powerful hub for online campaigns.

Digital Design (ads, infographics, brand identity)

People go crazy for a sharp-dressed brand.

Here’s how we’ll help you:


If you are running and building an organization, you are responsible for growing revenue, cutting costs, accelerating time to market, and ultimately driving the vision that will inspire every department. Our senior level teams of marketers, analysts, data technicians, and strategic business consultants will work alongside your organization, applying digital to bring that vision to life.

VP / Director

You know what the business goals are. Now it’s time to create the marketing strategy to meet them. Before you communicate externally to consumers, you must justify your budget and sell-in your plan internally. You’re highly accountable for the success of your initiatives, which is why we do everything we can to support you.


The greatest strategies in the world are nothing without execution. That’s where you come in. You have to manage people and resources to move everything forward expeditiously and economically. When it comes to the execution of your digital marketing plan, there is no better ally than Parallel Path.

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