Who We Are

Parallel Path is a data-driven online marketing and
consulting firm located in Boulder, Colo.

We are Solutionists.

As solutionists, we believe in "big digital" — the comprehensive and interconnected application of digital solutions throughout a business which unites its silos. In short, we use digital solutions to market your business and also to help manage and grow it.

We have solutions so powerful, they'd be dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands.

- Bryan Boettiger, Co-Founder

What Sets Parallel Path Apart?

Consultative Approach.

We take a comprehensive and consultative approach to ensure you get the biggest return on your investment in marketing. First, we look at the market to determine your best growth opportunity. We then evaluate your business holistically and develop custom strategies to meet specific goals, from lead generation to innovation planning and revenue optimization.

Thinking beyond the channel.

Digital online marketing isn't just about "being found" on search engines. It's about socially driven, multi-channel user engagement where each channel impacts the others. The tactics are evolving. Social networking and personalization are increasing. We believe the full value of digital can be realized when it's executed in coordination with an overall marketing and brand development strategy.

Data-driven. Human-centered.

It's about algorithms and empathy. It's about calls to action with a call to purpose. It's about impressions that actually impress. As data scientists, we understand how to creatively and analytically drive online brand outreach through all your customer touch points, and provide the consistent market intelligence needed to make the right business decisions. CI professionals rely on our expertise, processes, and flexibility across a wide gamut of web analytics services.

We make you look good. Very good.

We've helped heaps of senior marketing executives reach, understand, and convert their target audiences online while justifying the cost of their online marketing programs. No more questioning the ROI of your campaigns, SERP placement, and lead-gen tools. Our web analytics gurus won't just tell you how your website and digital assets are treating your bottom line, we'll show you the data, graphs and analysis to prove it.

As Solutionists, the values
we believe in are:

Open and honest communication.

Clarity before action.

Being one step ahead.

Learning new things.

Finding opportunity in every challenge.

Collaborative Ideation.

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Our Vision:

Real connections. Connections that inform. Connections that convert. Connections that last.

Our Mission:

To connect the dots, across the digital landscape, between your business and your audience.

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