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Every position in a company views marketing differently. We have solutions that work at every level.


Digital is Business.

If you are running and building an organization, you are responsible for growing revenue, cutting costs, accelerating time to market, and ultimately driving the vision that will inspire every department. Our senior level teams of Marketers, Analysts, Data Technicians, and Strategic Business Consultants will work alongside your organization, applying digital to bring that vision to life.

Accelerating time to market

For companies bringing a new product or service to market, we’ve created MarketMover — a fast and efficient go-to-market strategy. We get our clients to market faster and more cost-effectively than traditional approaches. We work with project managers, external vendors, and internal teams to help expedite and strengthen the development and rollout of new products and services.


We believe ROI should be looked at in relation to the lifetime value of a customer. Companies with the highest returns invest in customer loyalty and retention. They develop business and marketing practices to keep customers engaged. Its long-term success is dictated less by the immediate return of an individual channel and more by how a business supports that channel through communications and operations.

Grow Revenue

Our Growth Opportunity Assessment helps our clients pick the right targets, while our systems analysis and integration management ensure their teams effectively turn opportunities into conversions. We develop a custom Data Collection Infrastructure so clients can track progress, optimize solutions and gather market, brand, and consumer intelligence.

Cutting Costs

A commitment with Parallel Path means the commitment to streamlining digital processes throughout your organization. During our partnership, we continually educate and strengthen your organization’s internal team. We offer strategies to structure your teams so you get the most out of your marketing spend. When you hire Parallel Path, you are getting a top-tier digital team at a fraction of the cost it would take to build a similar team internally. We have the ability to manage everything, so your business teams can focus on the vital aspects of operations. Every dollar you spend with us is an investment in the cost-effective growth of your company.


You know what the business goals are. Now it’s time to create the marketing strategy to meet them. Before you communicate externally to consumers, you must justify your budget and sell-in your plan internally. You’re highly accountable for the success of your initiatives, which is why we do everything we can to support you.

Marketing Strategy & Support

Learn. Think. Build. Implement. Optimize. We take these steps every time we develop a new strategy. We value clarity before action, to make sure every dollar spent generates the results our clients desire the most. We work with clients to develop the best market opportunities to pursue, then develop the solutions and tactics that deliver.

Operational Support

We make life a little easier by managing every aspect of our clients’ digital strategies. We also go beyond traditional reporting to make sure they are equipped with insights that will help them chart the optimal course for the year to come. Our team is always available to help train teams on the best ways to apply and execute.

Model Building

The best way to justify a plan or budget is to build a model. Our team determines the potential in a given channel as well as a company’s current capture and conversion rates to discover the remaining potential for growth. This will give us an idea of the types of resources that will be required to meet specific business targets. From the data, we generate models which unite our clients’ teams around the expectations and the best approaches to take.


The greatest strategies in the world are nothing without execution. That’s where you come in. You have to manage people and resources to move everything forward expeditiously and economically. When it comes to the execution of your digital marketing plan, there is no better ally than Parallel Path.

Managing Information

Often times you have to manage up and down the organization, keeping a complex web of stakeholders, budgets, and vendors informed and on-task.

Flourish and Succeed

We’re here to support your growth and success as well as that of your company. We will provide you with the education and tools to help your career evolve and flourish. Education is a big deal to us. We’re your resource whenever you need us.

Tactical Prowess

You can leave the tactics to us. We built our reputation and client base on our ability to execute at the channel level. Our dynamic approach to channel management includes the constant optimization of strategies to ensure we have the best tactics no matter how the market changes.

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